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Terms & Conditions of Service

We hope you never have to refer to this infomation, but in the event that you do, we aim to be transparent in how we do business. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

Here is all the legal business lingo.


By approving custom projects with Threads Embroidery Co. and  submitting any payment for orders, the client is agreeing to our Terms & Conditions stated here.


Orders that include items purchased through our distributors require a down payment of the items prior to ordering said items. Remainder of embroidery services are delivered in an Invoice and are to be paid upon completion of your project. Items cannot be picked up until final payment is made, and can be paid upon pick up. Digitizing services must be paid prior to having a design digitized. Clients are allowed a total of 3 free rounds of edits, and additional edits thereafter will be charged a $10 administrative fee per round thereafter. Should an order include client provided digitizing, clients will be asked to sign a liability release of client provided digitizing before starting the order, where Threads Embroidery Co cannot be held liable or guarantee the quality of  the embroidered design. Should an order include client provided garments, clients will be asked to sign a liability of release of client provided garments where Threads Embroidery Co. cannot be held liable or guarantee that garments are appropriate for embroidery decoration and are not responsible for any damages that are potentially incurred to garments due to embroidery decoration. 


Artwork & Digitizing

All logo and artwork files must be high quality flat images and delivered to us in .JPEG or PDF files. Artwork dimensions should be specified in the artwork file or communicated to us in writing when delivering the design, and Threads Embroidery Co. is not held liable for any problems arising from the client failing to do so. Threads Embroidery Co. is not responsible for any errors, misspellings, or issues in your logo or artwork file. While we will attempt to review artwork for any potential problems, we may not catch them all, nor may be aware of what is considered an error in your artwork on your end. We request a final approval of the artwork for confirmation in writing that may be made via email correspondence, and once that approval is provided, that is the state of the design that will be used for decoration.


Digitizing/Artwork Approval 

All artwork is approved via client confirmation through email. If our digitizing services were used, you are entitled to 3 rounds of edits free of charge, included in the digitizing fee. Clients will receive a sample sew out of the design after initial digitizing, and after every round of edits, for a total of 4 sample sew outs. Requests for further digitizing edits will incur a $10 administrative fee thereafter. It is the client 's responsibility to check for artwork accuracy, including but not limited to dimensions, colorways, spelling,and placement when providing and approving final artwork. It is important to review every detail of the estimate, as this is how your garments will be decorated. Threads Embroidery Co. does not take responsibility for changes made to artwork after final approval is confirmed, and said changes or modifications after final artwork approval may incur additional costs.  If a specified timeline and due date was established upon order confirmation, failure to approve or provide edit requests in a timely manner (24 hours) may result in delays of the specified due date that Threads Embroidery Co. is not responsible for.



Threads Embroidery Co. will accept returns of stock items made and designed by Threads Embroidery Co. within 30 days of purchase. Custom embroidery projects, including items that have been customized and decorated with client provided logos or custom digitized texts requested by clients are not accepted for returns unless the items and artwork are different from the specifications in the approved estimate, including misprints or defective items. Custom projects are custom to client specifications, made only after final approvals, and are therefore made specifically for the client. Please Note that garment, styles, brands, and distributors all vary in size and fit. Threads Embroidery Co. is not responsible for incorrect sizing purchasing of items that are selected and approved by the client. Threads Embroidery Co. is not responsible for incorrect ordering once items are decorated. Once items are customized and decorated with your logo, we are unable to return them to distributors. Garments can be purchased as a sample for sizing inquiries, please contact us at to inquire about sample purchasing.


Satisfaction Clause

Threads Embroidery Co.  is not responsible for your satisfaction with garments decorated on or the decoration artwork. Threads Embroidery Co. is unable to make decisions on clients behalf, and can only work with the information provided by the client, so it is imperative that clients do their due diligence in clearly communicating all desired specifications and details of their project. If you are a retail purchaser or product developer, we recommend providing a full technical package (“tech pack”) with the specifications of your designs and garments, including but not limited to garment dimensions, logo dimensions, desired fabric compositions, and colorways for garment and logos for full disclosure of desired product details. Threads Embroidery Co. is not responsible for client failures to provide all necessary information prior to approving projects and resulting in dissatisfaction with your order.

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